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  Information & Involvement A Documentary Film  - A gripping documentary about Palestine en route to World Cup Soccer 2006 - A must see!
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A Must See
If you have an interest in World Cup Soccer or the conflict between Palestine and Israel or are intrigued by personal stories of struggle, this is a must see documentary film.  Get more info here.

FUTBOL PALESTINA 2006, a documentary film, chronicles the experience of a soccer team and the unique challenge of representing a nation under occupation: Palestine. The teams stated purpose? To claim a spot in the most important sporting event on the planet, soccer's World Cup.  The story is told through five of the players, Palestinians from around the world, including those from the territories occupied by Israel and others from as far as Latin America. Don't miss this independent film production presenting the story of the conflict of Palestine and Israel in the gripping midst of World Cup Soccer.  More


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  Soccer History

History of the World Cup

Palestine History



WCQualifiers Asia Group2

  P W D L F A Pts
Uzbekistan 6 5 1 0 16 3 16
Iraq 6 3 2 1 17 7 11
Palestine 6 2 1 3 11 11 7
Ch. Taipei 6 0 0 6 3 26 0


November 16, 2004
Iraq 4 - Palestine 1
Iraq - Qusay Munir 55pen, 59,
Imad Mohammed 66
Nashat Akram 71
Palestine - Imad Hasan Zaatra84



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FUTBOL PALESTINA 2006, in the media
Excitement spurs from a number of media outlets about this independent film, the Futbol Palestina 2006 Documentary. If you are interested in World Cup Soccer, the conflict between Palestine and Israel, or personal stories of struggle, this is a must see. Articles

The Conflict, Palestine & Israel thru the lens of World Cup Soccer 2006
After 2 years of production in four continents, a Chicago based independent film production company dedicated to the Palestinian national soccer team prepares to wrap up filming. More

Field notes from Palestine & more
Palestine en route to World Cup Soccer 2006 has ended its campaign to reach the  a 1-4 defeat against Iraq in Doha, Qatar. Read notes from the crew of this documentary film. More

Field notes from this documentary film
Arafat's Funeral Dignitaries from all over the world were in Cairo to bid farewell to one of the most widely recognized persons of our time, Yasser Arafat. Our independent film crew has up close and personal footage of the funeral of Palestine's former leader. More

Field notes from this documentary film
The Palestinian national football team is at its training headquarters in Ismalia, Egypt. As in training camps here before their last two games, the players from Gaza have not joined the rest. Meet the main characters of this documentary film and More

View recent pictures from trips of the documentary's crew

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