Passionate Palestine Will Play Away

Despite their early exit from the preliminary qualifying round for 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan, Palestine's two 1-0 victories over Hong Kong and Malaysia, which helped the young team finish second behind Qatar in preliminary Group C, impressed Asia watchers. Their hard play and stubborn performance showed that they played for not only good results, but honour and passion.

A liitle while ago, it was the make-up of the team that aroused most curiosity. Under their Chilean coach Nicola Hadwa Shahwan, a large portion of the team were those players of Palestine origin who play in neighbouring Arab nations and Chile. The key midfielder Roberto Beshe and fullback Roberto Adawe come from Santiago-based side Palestino, Shaker Suleiman Asad formerly played in Major League Soccer, while Pablo Abdullah and Luis Al Masry also played in Chile with Cobreloa and Universidad De Chile.

Palestine will not play any home matches in Palestine.

Founded: 1928
Affiliated: 1998
WC participations: Never
WC Honours: None
Continental Titles: None

The national team of modern Palestine, an Arab state, has no connection with the two Jewish teams which took part in the preliminaries for the FIFA World Cup"! in 1934 and 1938 under the name Palestine.

Palestine first entered qualifying for the 2002 tournament and made a surprising impact. Victories over Hong Kong and Malaysia saw them finish second in their group behind Qatar.

Their greatest victory to date came in 2000 with a 2-0 triumph over Pakistan. Unfortunately, their heaviest defeat came in the same year in qualifying for the Asia Cup when they lost 5-1 at home to Jordan.

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Official Name:



Major Cities:
Nablus, Jericho, Hebron,
Gaza, Bethlehem, Ramallah


Official Languages:

May God protect my country.

Highest Point:
Tail Asur 1,016 m.

Neighbouring Countries:
Egypt, Israel, Jordan

Neighbouring Seas and Oceans: Mediterranean Sea

Population (In Millions):
3.38 (Palestinian Territories Only)

GDP Per Inhabitant (in US dollars):
Not known

Density (Inhabitants Per km2):

Average Age (in years):
Not known

Life Expectancy at Birth (In Years):
Not known

Internet Code:
Not known


Last Match:
October 14, 2004
Ch. Taipei 0 - Palestine 1

Next Match:
November 17, 2004
Iraq v Palestine

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